Sapiens is best for preparation of IAS Zoology as optional. Zoology is purely a science subject, emerged as a scoring Zoology for UPSC optional in UPSC IAS Mains. Aspirants must be graduates in Zoology, Medicine, Botany, Life Science, Agriculture, Forestry, etc. Zoology is a better option for Science students and they can easily acquire high marks. The syllabus is more static, the questions asked are direct in nature, and you can present your answers with diagrams that will fetch your marks. If you take some of the topics in the General Studies paper, you will understand that several sections in GS and Zoology Optional are similar. The best part about Zoology Optional is, you don’t have to memorize formulas or theorems and the answers are quite easy to remember. No confusions as the syllabus are crystal-clear. You don’t have to toil a lot in researching about the important topic, sources, and others as there is sufficient information available out there. For scoring well, you need not choose an easy subject, but shed your sweat and blood on that subject you have chosen. One must be thorough with the basic fact and concepts. The conceptual clarity will help you to answer an indirect and twisted question as well. For More Details, Call us - 9318384883. Visit -


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