The updated, well-prepared study materials and the calibre of the lectures' outputs are the main reasons why students have loved their ethics module more. Through theory classes, case studies sessions, daily answer writing, class notes, study materials, and sectional mock tests with appropriate guidance and mentoring, the course takes a holistic approach to covering the entire ethics syllabus for the UPSC. The mentorship sessions were the main thing that helped me throughout the course since the individualised advice that Sir used to provide at every single problem gave me the chance to improve and correct my mistakes and prevent repetition of them in the future. I am now so certain that I can handle any question at this time.
Especially the ethical case-studies from which the majority of aspirants are frightened has now become my favourite area of interest and the most important thing is that now I start enjoying this topic, Thanks to EDEN IAS for making such an incredible and valuable contribution to the path of the UPSC hopefuls.

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