The UPSC exam is packed with obstacles, tantrums, surprises, and other unpredictable phases. The major goal of the candidate is to utilise what was learned as effectively as possible in order to advance through each exam level.
The majority of the subjects I was unsure about when I was studying for the UPSC were several, but ethics for UPSC CSE was the one I was most unsure about. Because it has no characteristics with any academic background, this subject is practically certain to produce bewilderment for everyone, which makes a thorough comprehension of it necessary.

As I was studying for this subject, I considered how important it would be to get some reputable platform's test series in order to practise the questions as much as possible. As a result, I did as several of my friends advised and enrolled in a few online platforms, which ultimately proved to be of little value to me. The lack of focus on one performance and the absence of useful feedback are the causes. Additionally, tests that had already been taken were repeated, but the biggest problem was that there was no accountability, which necessitates a structured system.

The best part is that Tirthankar Roychowdary Sir and his team of professionals, who have already taught numerous outstanding civil servants, are in charge of everything.

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