The most important and urgent thing right now is to maintain one resource rather than switching between several at once. In order to do this, they might approach any institution that is on the same route. For instance, the most well-known coaching facility, EDEN IAS, has developed a creative session on ethics for UPSC where they combine all of the ethics teachings with test series. With theory classes, case studies sessions, daily answer writing, class notes, study materials, and sectional mock tests with appropriate coaching and mentoring, the course they are offering has a complete approach to covering the whole ethics syllabus for the UPSC.

As a requirement of their course, the candidate will take two section tests following the discussion of the academic material (Ethics syllabus), and the session will then resume with the practical element (ethics case-studies). There will be a specific test on case studies after covering 100 cases. A mock exam covering the whole ethics curriculum on the UPSC CSE Mains format will be given at the end of the course.

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