Theta healing meditation
Location: Delhi Capital - Delhi
Date Posted: 14 Mayo
It is hard to find a single, standalone meaning for a word like Tattvam, which has evolved over generations. The root word, however, is TATVAMSI- translated as "Thou art that”. The objective of "Tattvam- Soul Power" is to invoke the internal power present in everyone and help them walk the path of spirituality, higher knowledge and greater wisdom in life. In this endeavour, we have had great success in the past and are working towards Tattvam's awareness even today. Tattvam has its foundation laid in the year- 2010, founded and spearheaded by Mrs. Seema Singal who carries more than a decade's experience on her strong shoulders.

Tattvam is headquartered in Delhi and is strategically placed to attend to most of our clients across the city. This "Center of Excellence" is prospering in multi-dimensional Healing techniques, taught to Tattvamites by our globally recognized healers certified in various forms of Healing methodology. Tattvam has evolved from independent consultation to a highly-acclaimed Healing center since 2010 to hundreds of its clients and is honored to continue to do so, by virtue of retaining itself as "Centre of Experience" for various clients and students seeking an entry into this art form. You Can More Information Please Visit Here at :
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G3, Hauz Khas,New Delhi - 110016, Delhi Capital, Delhi

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