Syrotech fiber module is now available on dvcomm. Rs 999
Location: Delhi Capital - Delhi
Date Posted: 10 Abril
Syrotech optical transceivers is now exclusively available on Syrotech optical transceivers includes (modules, DAC cables, and DWDM/CWDM Mux – Demux). Syrotech SFP transceiver has data rate of 1.25 gbps with range of 550m.
Syrotech GPON/EPON provides (GPON OLT, GPON ONT, GEPON OLT, GEPON ONU, MDU (multi dwelling unit))
Syrotech Networking Switches provides (Fiber Switch, PoE Switch unmanaged, PoE Switch L2 managed, media converter, Reverse PoE Switch)
Advertiser: Particular
Price: Rs 999
201 LSC, Pocket D & E, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi 110076, Delhi Capital, Delhi

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