Smartphone have changed the way we live, the way we breathe, the way we move around. With all in one features, it has easily replaced a camera, a watch, a torch and what not. It’s a new age device which can perform multiple tasks. With more and more interesting phones with multiple camera set-up launching, the picture quality is going up a notch higher but with all these features, we all need to understand the symptoms when a camera falters. Listed below are a few symptoms that we often come across. Once we observe these signals, we could try troubleshooting it by trying the given options but in case the problem exists, it is safe to reach out to a professional mobile repair company like MobiGarage. Phones these days are complicated. So, it is better to leave such camera repairs on to the experts. MobiGarage has a team of technicians who are expert in handling any sort of mobile repair in gurgaon issues. They use premium quality spare-parts and offer repair with 6 months warranty.
So, read below to know what possible issues can a phone camera face and what are the symptoms –
Camera going blurry – A lot of times, we see that the camera is clicking but the picture quality is very poor or blurry and the phone camera isn’t able to focus. It could happen because of camera lens getting dusted or smudged. So, try cleaning the front and rear camera lens using a clean microfiber cloth and things might improve. You can also try clearing cache data on the camera app and reboot. It might work.

Camera screen goes Black – Another common problem we often face is the screen turning black on opening the camera app. This could happen because of hardware as well as software issues both. Switch off the phone and reboot, uninstall any app that you recently installed and restart. Even clearing the cache also helps. The last option is factory reset but you would lose all the data of your phone in that case. So, take a back-up before doing so. If all of this doesn’t work, you have probably broken the camera by dropping your phone somewhere and it needs replacement.

Flash stops working – The third condition is when you try to use a flash in dim lit environment or on a night out and you feel the flash just wouldn’t work. There could be a few probable reasons of this problem like any software/ hardware glitch, low battery issue or use of third party app or filter. Check if the phone has ample battery, disable any filter that you were using, restart the phone, clear cache and reboot the phone. If all this is of no use, it is probably a hardware issue and the flash light has got damaged.
So, these were some of the most common type of smartphone camera issues and if you are also facing any of them, try out the given solutions or reach out to a reliable repair partner.

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