Radiant-best structured cabling installation services Rs 3.653
Location: Delhi Capital - Delhi
Date Posted: 27 Febrero
Structured Cabling Installation
A Structured Cabling System is the root on which overall IT strategy is built. Structured Cabling System provides the backbone to the multiple voice, data, video and other multimedia systems. Structured cabling Installation is the most critical part of voice and data network. Structured Cables provides network capability to our electronic devices. Most commonly used Structured cabling designs are cat 5e (category 5e), cat 6 ( category 6 ), cat 6a ( category 6a) and other Structured cables.
Among Structured cable companies in India, Radiant Info Solutions is one of the pioneer of full service Structured cabling. They specialize in providing commercial and Industrial Information Transportation Systems. They provide highest levels of quality service at affordable cost.
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Price: Rs 3.653
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