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Date Posted: 06 Setiembre
If you are doing your laundry yourself, you are doing an incredible job. It might sometimes happen with you that dirt and Stain have made your clothes dirty and you don’t know how to get the Stain off your clothes. Here are some tips and tricks which would help you to get out of such situations. You can remove the toughest Stain from your clothes if you try some of the Stain Removal Tips tricks listed below.
1. Soaking in oxygen bleach: To remove the Stain of Tabasco or hot sauce, you can simply soak your clothes in oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleach is safe for colors and it would not affect the brightness of your cloth.

2. Applying detergent, Stain Remover or vinegar: If your food material has caused a Stain in your clothes you can simply apply detergent when the Stain is fresh. The next you need to rub it off with a sponge and then you can use vinegar to concentrate the Stain if it still persists.

3. Baby powder and hot iron: if the Stain is noticed again even after washing your garment you need to sprinkle some baby powder to it and then you can iron it few times. After a while brush off the powder.The heat helps to get the Stain released whereas the powder absorbs the Stain.

4. Degreasing with a degreaser: The degreaser is the Best Stain Remover For Clothes. It helps to remove the grease Stain very easily. Removing Stain with the degreaser needs no effort.
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