Myorien will change the dynamics and your percepti Rs 5.999
Location: Delhi Capital - Delhi
Date Posted: 12 Marzo
The myOrien company is comprised of the brightest and the most innovative minds at work to achieve their ultimate aim - to humanize technology. Their first attempt at making technology smarter and more convenient is the myOrien device. The device is intricately designed with the purpose of gauging automotive vehicles? health efficiently in mind. The device simply attaches to the inner circuitry of your car and starts receiving all the relevant data that the vehicle generates while being used or during a trip. It is accompanied by a mobile application that is tailor-made specifically for the device and is supposed to display all the data that the device receives in a readable format to the consumer.

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Price: Rs 5.999
201, LSC, Paocket D & E, Sarita Vihar, Delhi Capital, Delhi

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