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First know what a hand x-ray is?
In a hand x-ray, an x-ray machine sends radiation through the hand and the image is recorded on a special x-ray film or a computer. This picture shows the soft tissues and bones of the wrist (carpal bones), the bones between the wrist bones and the fingers (metacarpal bones), and the fingers (phalanges).

The x-ray technician takes the images manually: from behind with palm facing down (back or PA view) from the side (side view or width) in the corner (oblique view)

Sometimes doctors will request an x-ray of the opposite (uninjured) hand for comparison. During a hand x-ray, patients should remain quiet for 2-3 seconds each time an X-ray is taken to ensure clear images. If one image is blurry, the x-ray technician can take another.

Hand x-ray cost in Delhi

The cost of availing of hand x-ray services may vary from one diagnostic center to another. Generally, hand x-ray costs for different views start from Rs. 250 each.

But, at the X-ray at home diagnostic center, you can avail of hand x-ray at home services at many affordable rates that will not be heavy on your pockets. Experts at the center will carry the necessary equipment to your home to get your hand x-ray done at your convenience.

Also, Digital x-ray in Delhi services is now available with the introduction of portable digital x-ray machines. These machines have the ability to take many
images and have better zooming capacity with huge storage. X-ray at home diagnostic center is now offering you this service in the comfort of your home.


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