Led traffic signal system in india | onnyx
Location: Delhi Capital - Delhi
Date Posted: 29 Abril
As we know Traffic signalling is an isolated solution of all road problems in India. In India, we are full of Traffic on the route and roads and further, we assist driver through a board which consist programmable LEDs panel. It is a dynamic Traffic solution through text display System, where we can personalize the boards to warn driver or motorist from upcoming barriers such as road closure and diversions, Traffic collision etc. It will be placed at major road junctions and union arteries etc. Onnyx electronisys is a vast manufacturer, suppliers and exporter of LED Traffic Signal System in India. You can know more details about the product by reaching us at on website by below link: http://www.onnyx.in/variable-message-sign-vms.html or mail us if you have any query at marketing@onnyx.in
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