Jobs and visa for canada and usa
Location: Delhi Capital - Delhi
Date Posted: 28 Setiembre
We Are V-Line Immigration Consultancy based in Canada and USA We provides
professional, cost-effective legal services for all aspects of Canada,UK and Usa
immigration matters. We do assist our Clients in procuring Visas As we can
arrange the above Visas
For the Following Canadian,UK And USA Visas,
(1) Visit Visa
(2) Business Visa
(3) Work permit Contract / Open Work permit
(4)Family Visa
We can assist you through the immigration process no matter where you live
We have this Job vacancies (A) Fish Cutters B, fruit packers C, food packers D,
Supervisors E, General Labour F, Heavy drivers G, Cooks H, Fish Packers I, House
Keepers J, Computer Administrations K, Chefs L,Waiters/Waitress M,Receptionists,
N,Bar Servers, O,Doctors P, Nurses Q,Engineering Workers, R, Logistics, S,
Office Assistants T, Bank Jobs U,Marketing Jobs,Architects Jobs And many other
Job vacancies.
Mr. Kelvin Howard
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