Performance of Electrodes In their latest models are five of the most advanced planum-titanium electrodes in the world. When a cross-section of an electrode is examined at 700 times magnification, you can see that the electrodes are now covered in a super fine mesh with very district points and valleys. This greatly increases the surface area without having to increase the size. We guarantee that no other models, regardless of price, will produce under similar conditions, such a high and low pH or ORP (Oxidation-reduction potential).

Super Strong Alkaline & Acidic pH2.5˜pH12: By using 12plates, maximized electrolysis from pH 2.5 to pH 12, so that strong alkaline and strong acidic can be discharged.

3.2″ TFT LCD
Convenience of Use The one-touch water supply system (3.2″ TFT LCD) maximize the convenience of use the water supply system supplies a certain amount of water to maintain constant water pH.

11 Step Level Configurable It is possible to set 11 steps in total (Acidic water 4 levels, Purified Water Strong Acidic Water, and Strong Alkaline Water).

The difference of filter technology makes water cleaner and healthier: It filters the harmful substances and keeps the beneficial in water to make water clean and rich in minerals.

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