COVID-19 is officially a pandemic now. Even if you are not sick from the virus, you are feeling the impact of it.
Working from home has been proving to be a great way to slow down the spread of the disease; companies all around the world are doing what they can to help their remote workers minimize exposure to the pandemic. Client interactions are taking place over calls and video conferences. Non-essential business travel is being reprioritized, while conferences and summits are shifting to online models but with all that also comes the negative impact of lockdown on the remote employees.
The COVID-19’s impact couldn’t be foreseen and avoided and hence it is also testing the abilities of companies to adapt to a futuristic way of working. Those that are over-reliant on singular work methods suffer a business setback while companies that have flexibility built into their strategy thrive. Losing the traditional human bonding experiences which the companies used to offer have definitely been paused back for now, the lack of fun activities, celebrations, and in-team events too have been seeing a setback for a good amount of time to assess the running of the company better in the remote working scenario.
The COVID-19 crisis has confronted a lot of companies with humongous challenges of running their businesses. In order to maintain productivity, a quick adoption of remote working has become mandatory. However, this also brings with it some difficulties.

Below are some impacts of COVID-19 on the remote workers which have been taken into account by enormous number of companies:

1. Infrastructure of a workplace
Some companies are giving their remote workers the option of creating a home office where they can work continuously if necessary.
This not only seems more comfortable to a lot of employees but is also psychologically proven to result into a more productive employee when his/her environment is more familiar and comfortable to him/her. Companies may do this by providing co-working spaces across the city which act as workplaces.
2. Teamwork and Collaboration
Spontaneous teamwork will play a significant role in the way people create and build new ideas and this should be taken into account when designing a successful remote work strategy. One of the major impact of COVID-19 would be that organizations will have a stronger communication system that consists of platforms for meetings, knowledge exchange, conferences etc.
3. Cyber Security
Businesses would need to have a good training so that employees can identify odd behaviors in their tech, softwares and other virtual platforms and hence report ransomware, cyberattacks, and phishing attempts.
4. Emotional Well-Being
With a constant state of oscillating panic, people have started considering emotional well-being and mental health as a part of their daily routine and are taking conscious efforts to better their emotional health too.
Companies have started opting for activities and webinars to keep their employees engaged in optimism and also to help them feel relieved from any kind of stress, panic and lack of social interactions.

With these impacts being considered, companies have started acknowledging the importance of keeping their employees engaged, motivated and happy while they work from home.
India is becoming more capable of working from home, given the availability of the decent Internet speeds all over the country, communication and available technology. The technological advancement has enabled us to run a lot of our companies and businesses somewhat smoothly, all while sitting in our own home.
Undeniably, since work from home is going to be a norm followed by the majority population now, companies will be needing to resort to various mediums to sustain the productivity and performance of their employees in the absence of any real life human connection like meetings, conferences etc. So, to take care of that issue, born to play has taken an initiative of organizing online activities which could help companies build a good connection between their employees and keep them motivated, happy and improve their performance as an individual and a team both. These services are tailored as per the requirement of the company. Some of the activities being E-fitness/ Dance session, PUBG/COD/ Poker tournament, Virtual reality cricket etc.
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