When you are unsure about which subject will help you do well and score well on the mains examination, GS4 ethics for UPSC paper and essay writing are the two areas that will help you improve your overall performance. The reason for this is that when studying for this subject, it is not necessary to read numerous books or any theoretical applications, as a basic comprehension of the fundamental concepts would be adequate.

This became apparent to me as I began my mains preparation and began practising answering questions. I was still able to handle the other subjects as long as I started writing my answers every day, but just one subject—ethics—caused me the most anxiety because I had no exposure to the subject's study materials or resources and had to actively seek them out. Then, after conducting a thorough investigation and survey, I discovered some wonderful and excellent reviews about EDEN IAS, one of the best coaching institute for IAS in Delhi.

Then, in order to give me a better idea of this course, they offered me three interactive demo sessions, which were also free to attend. From these, I concluded that the classes were quite interesting and interactive, and that they were led by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir, one of the best Teacher For Ethics professor and a UPSC mentor. The addition of some useful and value-added study materials came along with the interactive classes. I doubt that anyone else can describe the ideas as clearly and in-depth as they have, beginning with the fundamentals.

One cannot even conceive how they prepared for the way they used to convey the concepts by relating them to actual events. In addition to all of this, the quality of the foundational texts included in the course was so complete that finding the resources was no longer necessary. Now that I don't have to worry about handling case studies or any other challenging

questions, I'm curious to get my answers reviewed by the best mentors available over there.

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