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Location: Delhi Capital - Delhi
Date Posted: 10 Julio
MyShikshak provides one-to-one tuitions for all types of learning for students. There are many benefits of home tuitions out of which teaching when & where you want to teach is most beneficial. You can reschedule your tuition time after consulting with the student. You can also talk to the learners regarding the place of teaching, fee-structure etc on the platform only so don't hesitate.

We believe in providing education in as many and easy ways as we can. Hence, MyShikshak provides offline but also online and Group tuitions. Teaching students online are one of the best ways to deliver your knowledge by sitting at your home only. At the time of bad weather conditions you don’t have to go anywhere outside in harsh weather you can simply sit at your home and can deliver your lectures. Sharing knowledge can make you earn too. Contribute to the cause of making this society more knowledgeable and learned and earn in the process.

Join our community and connect with students on MyShikshak.
Advertiser: Particular
Company Name: MyShikshak
Type of Position: Part-time
Charge: 201009
MyShikshak www.myshi
MyShikshak www.myshi

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