Do you think you don’t have confidence while speaking in English?
Do you pull yourself back from joining English conversations because of the fear of making mistakes even in the basic English sentences?
If your answer to the above questions is yes, then here you’ll find the best English practice app for yourself which will assuredly help you build confidence and enhance fluency in English.
It is an irrefutable fact that more than 80% of spoken English learners of a non-English speaking country like India, already studies or currently study English in their schools, however, a greater part of them can’t speak English.
Because learning English is far different from speaking English. You can’t learn to speak English without actually speaking and listening to it and EngVarta is the English speaking app which helps you in your learning journey all through.
It provides you with a platform where you can speak and practise English with live English speaking experts. They are human like you, who are ready to devote their time helping you get better in your English speaking skills as they know what problems you face because of your inaccurate English speaking skills.
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