F191010 printhead for epson 9900/7900/9700/7700 Rs 662
Location: Delhi Capital - Delhi
Date Posted: 16 Enero
Our shop Bandar Electronic has a good network to the warehouse as a provider of printing his spare goods.
Our directly from its spare parts manufacturing plant, and therefore we can sell at wholesale prices and a slightly cheaper price.
and until today we have had thousands of customers in Indonesia.
so we continue to develop and explore the international world to market the product that we sell, so it could be easier for each store that specialized in printing.
hopefully with his existing online sales our website www.bandar-electronic.com we can meet all your needs in the field of printing. and we always look forward to continuing to meet the amount of your order. and always ready stock for each of its product.

Please check our web page www.bandar-electronic.com
there you can check out the entire product you want to buy.
for questions and confirm orders, you can contact us via email
Advertiser: Particular
Price: Rs 662
Jl. Genteng Besar No.43, Delhi Capital, Delhi
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Monica Putri
Monica Putri

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