Same day deliveries are becoming so popular that most D2C brands are moving from 2-3 days delivery cycle to the same day. Now companies have gone a step further with 2-3 hours delivery slots which is very much possible now. How? The answer is DARK STORES.

Warehouses are structurally used for multiple dark stores and are constructed to facilitate the type of goods they will contain. A best dark store warehouse is a relatively big space that contains separations into rooms of different sizes. They store wide ranges of goods and are operated manually. Portable warehouses provide a permanent haven to store products.

Dark storage warehouses offer convenient storage options for all types of storing needs. They are not only convenient to use but are also very secured and affordable. Dark stores in Delhi ncr warehouses are used for variety of storing needs on various occasions. Many people use Dark storage units to even store important documents. They are available in all sizes, from a locker type unit to a room sized unit.

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