We all have come across a situation where our phone slips out of the hand and breaks. We get jittery especially if the phone is out of warranty and the thought of getting it repaired numbs us. Suddenly, we are bombarded with a series of questions. Where should I get my phone repaired now? Where is the nearest store located? What will be the quality used? How long will the repair take? How much would it cost etc. etc.
Thankfully, has answers to all these queries and concerns. They can handle any smartphone repair with complete ease be it smartphone LCD repair, a faulty battery replacement or a broken camera repair.
Read below to know the answers to all your queries –
1. Where to get the phone fixed from?

The first question that pops up in your mind when an out of warranty phone breaks is – where to get the phone repaired from? The choice is generally thought to be between an authorised service centre which can repair but costs dearly and a local repair shop which is known to compromise on the quality of repair. In such a scenario, MobiGarage becomes a path-breaking idea where, you don’t even have to visit anywhere. They will schedule a pick-up for you and the phone will be picked up from a convenient location and brought to their own service centre. Moreover, if you are based out of Delhi/ NCR, the phone can be repaired on the spot, right at your doorstep also. Isn’t that convenient?

2. How long will it take to get the phone repaired and how will I operate till then?

The broken phone can be repaired on the spot if a doorstep of that model is possible. Alternatively, a pick-up will be scheduled for you. If in Delhi/ NCR, the phone will be picked-repaired-dropped in a day’s time and if out of Delhi, then expected turnaround time is 3-4 days. There is also a provision of booking a spare-phone if you are in Delhi/ NCR and you can keep that phone till your phone is repaired and handed over. This is to ensure that you don’t miss on important things in life – be it professional, be it personal.

3. What will be the quality of mobile repair services and the spare-parts used?

The mobile repair services that MobiGarage offers are of premium quality. The technicians are well-qualified and trained from to time to time and equipped with the latest technology phones. Service centre type spare-part quality is used for repair and 6 months warranty is offered.

4. How much would the repair cost?

It completely depends on the type of phone and the repair involved but they offer the most genuine mobile repair services at an affordable cost. In fact, you can easily compare the costs with the rates prevalent in the market and also check their Facebook or Google for customer’s reviews. Once you check, you will find that the costs are standardized and transparent with everything uploaded on their portal unlike local repair shops where costs vary from customer to customer.

5. How to book a repair?

In case you decide to book a repair, either go to and book a repair online or call up at 9999123511 to book a repair offline.


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