ABOUT THE BOOK: The book “Kayasth: An Encyclopedia of Untold Stories” is a hard-bound book printed in four colors, running into 400 pages with rich text content, amazing images, illustrations, and paintings, mostly contributed by the best of Kayasth talents in India. It is available in both Hindi and English, the book costs Rs 3000 each in India, 85 US dollars, and 60 UK Pounds.
The book has 13 chapters, which includes Legal status, Mythology, History, Sub-castes, State presence, Interstate migration, Script, Food, Identity symbols, Cultural practices, Temples, Festivals, Rituals.
USP OF THE BOOK: The book is the first ever community study of Kayasth in 21 states and one UT in India, researched over 2 years, and it intends to revisit their identity and conserve the glorious heritage of their three types – Chitraguptvanshiya, Chandraseniya, and Chitrasenitya - spanning over several centuries. It brings out their interstate migration over 2500 years, most of which they have forgotten. It explores the Chitragupt Circuit as also major Sun temples in the backdrop of their grand narratives in mythologies.
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