Buy gift plants online in india at green decor Rs 180
Location: Delhi Capital - Delhi
Date Posted: 03 Julio
Do you want to buy small plants for gifts Online?

Gifting small plants to your loved ones is the best gifting option now-a-days especially if you're living in Delhi, Mumbai like metro cities in India. In these big cities scarcity of greenery and fresh air are becoming one of the common reasons behind many health issues. These small indoor plants as a Gift option fulfill such scarcity and can prove to be a cause of happiness for your loved ones.

Green Decor - Delhi NCR based one of the leading Online Plant nursery in India, offers you to order Gift plants Online from some of the most popular Plant categories like -
• Herbal & Medicinal Plants
• Air purifier Plants
• Aromatic Plants
• Bonsai Plants
• Cactus Plants
• Ferns
• Flowering Plants
• Fruit Plants
• Hanging Plants
• Religious Plants
• Mosquito & Insects Repellent Plants
• Succulent Plants
• Money Magnet Plants along with other popular indoor and garden plants in India.

You can also buy like growing usable plants and accessories as a combo packages at
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Price: Rs 180

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