Disney Plus having a lot of Documentaries about the makers of Disney films and the broader universe of the animation giant, streaming platform has many really strong documentaries on offer naturally, so you could also check out Free Solo, The Rescue, Fauci, Olivia Rodrigo, Get Back, Be Water, LA 92, Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Jedi's Return, Assembled, Jane, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, One Strange Rock + Welcome to Earth and many more in the list.

There's a lot of sci-fi content to stream on Disney Plus, so if you're looking for an adventure to kickstart the new year, this is the place to be. Now that dark nights are in full swing and 2023 is here, there isn't a better time to launch yourself into the new year with new favorites by checking out the best sci-fi movies and TV shows to stream on Disney Plus.

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