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With a background marked by over 19 years, Apparel Online India is the main news Magazine to give restrictive and inside and out inclusion of the article of clothing send out exchange and industry each fortnight; it conveys news, perspectives and examinations for the business and from multiple points of view by the business. Attire Online features issues identified with and for the clothing business in regards to item, showcase, patterns, sourcing systems, consistence and human asset concerns.

Clothing Online, with a course of 30, 000 (90,000 perusers) duplicates each fortnight is a very much regarded news Magazine with a modern standpoint. Solely for the clothing business, it covers industry-centered subjects including both national and global news under India Canvas and World Wrap. Meetings with universal purchasers and retailers, item value correlations, sourcing methodologies, gauges introduced at fairs and innovation issues are additionally sufficiently tended to.

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