Amazing color portable ultrasound scanner with mul Rs 44.044.148
Location: Delhi Capital - Delhi
Date Posted: 14 Setiembre
S8i Color Portable Ultrasound Scanner
Application: Abdomen, OB&GYN, cardiology, vascular and small parts, urology, musculoskeletal, pediatrics and etc

Image processing: THI, speckle-reduction, Color coder, frame averaging, micro- angle adjustment, wall filter, 256 grey scale, scanning angle/width control, composite processing of tissue and blood flow image

Measurement & report packages: GYN(four edition for GA calculation), cardiac, vascular, urology, andriatrics, peripheral vascular, multiple births, orthopedic surgery and etc.

Input/output interface: VGA, network, 4 USB, 2 probe interface, DVD-ROM, SONY print with USB port
It applies cutting-edge technologies; incorporate sophisticated features like real-time 4D, TDI, and TEE scanning into one compact box.
Displaying mode
B, BB, 4B, BM, M, PW, B/C, B/C/D, B/D,duplex, triplex, part zoom, CFM, CPA

Signal processing:
Full-digital beam forming, dynamic filter, space-time filter, dynamic real time
Receiving focusing, RDA, DRA, spectral processing, CFM processing, gray scale 256, receiving signals dynamic range≥150, All digital, real-time dynamic focusing,
Dynamic aperture in all fields

Image conversion
Up/down conversion
Left/right conversion

Doppler Sound output volume adjustable
Wall filter adjustable
Base line adjustable
Sampling frame adjustable
Area changeable angle changeable
Spectrum sampling volume adjustable
Spectrum sampling volume angle adjustable
PRF adjustable

Image processing:
Gain control
TGC, PW Gain, CFM gain

General measurement
B mode-distance, circumference, area, volume, ration, angle, %stenosis, histogram
M mode- distance, time, velocity, heart rate

OB packages:
EDD table :GS, BPD, CRL, FL, HL, TAD, LV, OFD, NT, AC, HC, AFI, GA and EDD calculated by LMP, BBT calculate GA and EDC, Fetal physiological score, Fetal growth curve
OB measuring and calculation report
Uterine measurement (Cervical length, endometrial thickness, uterine volume)

Comes with
Multi frequency convex probe
Multi frequency linear probe

Optional modules
CW Doppler and “Free Xros™ Imaging “(for cardiac applies) module
Smart3D module (for 3 dimensions with 2D standard convex probe)
“iScape View” module
DICOM 3.0 module

Optional probes
Micro-convex array Transvaginal probe
Micro-convex probe
Linear probe
Intdo rectal linear probe
Phased array probe 2P2 (for cardiac applies)

Optional Accessories
Footswitch by USB port
Biopsy guide for convex probe
Biopsy guide for micro-convex probe
Biopsy guide for linear probe
Biopsy guide for micro-convex TV probe
Biopsy guide for intrarectal linear probe
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Price: Rs 44.044.148
89 Laoshan Road ,Building 69, Qingdao, Shandong Province, P. R. China, Delhi Capital, Delhi

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