How frustrating is a situation when your phone is about to die and you plug it in with a charger but it just wouldn’t charge? A lot of times we realize this problem happening with our phone and we tend to panic. However, the problem could vary from small which can be handled on our own to big where you would have to reach out to a professional Smartphone Repair company like MobiGarage. Listed below are the possible reasons for phone charging problems and a few suggestions. Read on to know, try them out and if nothing seems to resolve the charging issue still, fix up an appointment with a professional company like Their expert team will diagnose the issue, inform you of the status and sort it out too.

1. Change the charging point – Though it seems unbelievable the reason could be as simple as a faulty charging point. Try changing that and you might succeed.

2. Check the charging cable & the wall adapter – The second possibility could be a frayed charging cable or a faulty adapter. These are the most common reasons for a phone not charging. The charging cable gets worn out because of wrapping/ unwrapping it again & again or charging at wrong angles. Similar is the case with the adapter. So, try charging the phone with a different charging cable or a different adapter and see if it works. You could also connect it to your computer in the absence of an alternate adapter.
3. Clean the USB socket – Another possibility is the small metal connector in the charging port or what we call charging socket. Due to dust or dirt accumulating in the port over a period of time, the contact between the wire and the USB port gets affected. A simple blow could do the trick. Alternatively, try inserting a toothpick into the socket and remove anything that could be obstructing the charge. Please make sure that you do this very carefully and gently as a strong blow or prick could harm the internal component.
4. Check the apps of your phone – We don’t actually realize the number of apps running in the background on our phone. This is another reason for a slowing down phone charging as the apps consume all the charge. So, remove the apps and see if the charging speed improves. On the contrary download a useful app like Ampere which can check and tell you if the phone is charging or not and how much is it charging.

5. Restart or reboot – Once you have tried changing wires, adapter, cleaning the socket and deleting various apps that slowed down the charging process and nothing seems to be working, then it is probably not hardware but a software issue. Phone not charging could also be because of a system crash and a simple restart could do the magic.
6. Replace the battery – If everything that you have done looks futile and the phone is still not charging, the phone could need a battery replacement. This is a probable reason especially if you have been using the phone for around 2 years or more. You could also detect this if you see the battery swelling up or discharging any fluid.

Hope the above helps you in identifying the cause of the charging problem with your phone. We are surely reading this article will get you the answer to your concern.
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