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Low frequency hand diagnosis / therapy device
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Low Frequency Hand Diagnosis & Therapy Device
An important part of Meridian Study in Chinese Medicine, Hand therapy is the essence of Chinese folk therapies. Huang Di's Internal Classics, the ancient classical medical works of China, reveals that parts of the human body are in tune with the whole, and that they are closely connected with the viscera, meridian, vital essence and blood of the whole body. Due to the connections mentioned above, doctors can know the health condition of viscera by the external changes in the five sense organs, physique and complexion, and pulse when diagnosing diseases.
Because the Hand enjoys many rich nerves and its meridians are related with viscera, it is the weather glass of human viscera. Hands can inform the brain of the danger of maladjusted viscera function with its rich nerves. Life state and any abnormal viscera performance can be revealed by the Hand. Hands can record, store, sense, relieve, and reflect much inborn and acquired information. Furthermore, it can reveal disease information and it's in direct ratio with human health. So, it's the epitome of human existence in the time and space coordinate.
Hand therapy can balance Yin and Yang and improve the function of different human body parts by immediate meridian treatment. This micro Hand diagnosing & therapy device adopts the most advanced indolent detecting technology to detect the health state of every body part and stimulates and gets through acupoints and meridians with a five-tone low-Frequency treatment. It can stimulate human energy and improve the vital essence, blood circulation, and the nerve system. At the same time, it can improve the metabolism of internal trash so as to detect and treat diseases, enhance immunity and prevent and alleviate diseases.
Besides, with standard parts, this Hand Therapy Device can also be applied to:
1. Various chronic diseases like high blood pressure, hypotension, rheumatics, arthritis, periarthritis.